Iranian Food

Persian cuisine is one of the world’s finest. The foundation of most Persian dishes is rice, meat, and salad, often served with a side of fresh herbs, cheese and yogurt. Of these, the most important element is arguably rice called Polo or Chelo in Farsi. It is believed that rice was brought to Iran from the Indian subcontinent, about 4000 years ago. Varieties of rice in Iran are mainly produced in the Caspian region. Basmati rice from India and Pakistan is very similar to these Persian varieties and is also available in Iran - of course cheaper!  The varieties of rice most valued in Persian cuisine are prized for their aroma and typically judged by their shape, size and flavor. A Saffron infusion can be poured over the rice to give a distinctive golden color and taste. The second important thing in Persian cuisine is Kebab. Different types of kebabs can be found in almost all restaurants but don’t expect non-Halal types of meat like pork that Islam forbids for Muslims. They’re not available in Iranian restaurants.

Some Persian dishes:             


     Zereshk-polo, rice cooked with barberry and served with chicken     




          Aash reshte, a thick soup with beans, peas, a kind of vermicelli, kashk (thick whey) and herbs




 Qeime, a delicious stew with meat, split peas and dried limes, fried potatoes, aubergines and tomatoes





    Kebab, meat or chicken grilled over charcoal with three varieties served with barbequed tomatoes.





                Kubideh (minced meat), Jujeh kebab (chicken) and Barg (chopped muton)         




                  Dizi or Abgusht contains meat,potatoes,peas,beans,onions and dried limes.





    Fesenjan,a sweet-sour stew made with chicken or meatballs,walnuts and sweet pomegranate paste





                          Qorme-sabzi,a stew made with varous herbs,meat,and red beans




            Kashk-e bademjan,made with eggplans.Kashk (thick whey),meat and onions





Fast Food Restaurants in Iran

Famous international chains like King Burger, McDonald, and KFC are not found in Iran! Yet, you may find the same style by Iranian names. The items at menus of such restaurants are similar to those of the famous brands in all over the world!