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Desert tour

Duration: 10 days

Day 1: Arrival, Sightseeing in Tehran- Overnight stay in Tehran
National Museum of Iran
Carpet Museum
Jewellery Museum

Day2: Drive to Maranjab via Kashan, Sightseeing in Kashan
Camping in Maranjab Desert
Fin Garden (UNESCO Site)
Borujedi Mansion

Day3: Drive to Naein, Sightseeing in Naein- Overnight stay in Naeen
Naein Friday Mosque

Day4: Drive to Garmeh- Overnight home stay in Garmeh

Day5: Salt lake, Camel riding- Overnight home stay in Garmeh

Day6: Drive to Kharanagh via chak chak- Camping in Kharanagh
Kharanagh old town
Fire temple of Chak Chak

Day7: Drive to Yazd, Sightseeing in Yazd- Overnight stay in Zein-ol-Din
beautiful safavid Carevansaray
Yazd – Jameh Mosque
Mir Chakhmaq Complex
Zoroastrian Fire Temple
Towers of Silence

Day8: Drive to Isfahan via Naein- Overnight stay in Isfahan
Isfahan famous Bridges (Si-o-seh & Khaju)

Day9: Sightseeing in Isfahan- Overnight stay in Isfahan
Imam Square (UNESCO Site)
Aali Qapu Palace
Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Imam Mosque
Chehel Sotun Palace (UNESCO Site)
Vank Cathedral Museum

Day10: Drive to Tehran /Departure