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iransafar Ltd
Address : Apt. 8 , No 4 , Homa alley , North Karegar st. Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98 21 66933427
Pars hotel twin towers
    Hotel star

Pars Hotel Shiraz

Zand Boulevard, Shiraz 71364 Iran

Zandieh Hotel Shiraz, Double Room
    Hotel star

Zandiyeh Hotel

Hejrat Street, Shiraz 71364 Iran

Shiraz Homa 5-star hotel Lobby
    Hotel star

Homa Hotel Shiraz

Meshkinfam St. next to Azadi Park, Shiraz 7143936911 Iran

Arg Hotel Court Yard
    Hotel star

Arg-e Jadid Hotel

Shahidan Ashraf Blvd, Yazd Iran

Yazd Traditional Daad Hotel
    Hotel star

Dad hotel

214, Dahom Farvardin St., 10th Farvardin Ave, Yazd ,8913875639 Iran

Moshir Hotel Yazd
    Hotel star

Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel

Enghelab Street, Moshir Blvd, Yazd 8918713631 Iran













When my friend and I arrived in Isfahan, we just came back from Zandiyeh hotel in Shiraz. The friendliness of the staff from both hotels had a major contrast. Front desk staff were almost rude at Abbassi. However, the atmosphere and all the decoration are well worth it. Make sure you book the room through this agency because there are many types of rooms that you wouldn't know if they are good or really small old worn out ones. We got lots of room information from Iransafar and ended up with a very nice big room with a garden view. Thanks to Farhad ...
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Museum Hotel

It seems you enter the heart of Ispahan; the court yard of the hotel is very beautiful and energetic. We went there in the middle of summer. The breakfast was very diverse. If you want lunch and dinner, its quality is high but expensive in the main restaurant ... BTW the traditional restaurant set in the garden is reasonable. Ash reshte is one of the original soup of Isfahan that you can order in traditional coffee shop at the end of the yard. This hotel is a museum!
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Good Hotel

stayed at Chamran hotel with my wife. Check-in and check-out was easy. Breakfast was good and the entertainment and service at the traditional restaurant on the lower floor was good but the quality of the food was not, especially for the price.
The hotel is not in city center but it is located in Chamran BLV which is a popular place for Shiraz people to hangout in the evenings ... and you can access to anywhere easily. The hotel is very large with good lobby. internet is acceptable. Rooms are clean and good size. Breakfast is not great but fine.

Lovely Stay :)

Having traveled now to both Isfahan and Shiraz, the standout experience I have taken from Iran has been the people, and especially the staff at Grand Shiraz Hotel. From the first moment, and every instance of walking through the lobby or for when needing assistance, every worker consistently greeted me with the most welcoming smile and enthusiasm. I had a few issues with my entry into the country and access to cash, and they made it their mission to assist me. Enormous shoutout to the charismatic and knowledgeable Farhad who stuck by me in my stressful time of need to make sure that everything gets fixed
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