Shiraz is one of the most attractive and beautiful tourist cities in Iran. This beautiful city with many historical and ancient monuments is one of the main destinations of domestic and foreign tourists. Travelers and tourists can choose one of the best restaurants in Shiraz for dining, along with sightseeing in the ancient and scenic places of Shiraz. Different types of authentic Persian cuisine and Shirazi dishes are cooked in Shiraz restaurants. Stay with us in the rest of this article to learn more about Shiraz restaurants and their classification.


Shiraz Eateries

When it comes to dining in Shiraz, there are several excellent restaurants that offer a variety of delicious Persian and international cuisines. Here are some of the best restaurants in Shiraz:


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Sharzeh traditional restaurant

Located at the heart of Shiraz, Sharzeh is a traditional Persian restaurant that prides itself on serving authentic local dishes. The restaurant is decorated in a classic Persian style, and their menu includes a wide range of flavorful Iranian dishes.
Sharzeh restaurant is one of the oldest and best restaurants in Shiraz, which has a very long history. Considering that this restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. But it is still among the best restaurants in Shiraz. Travelers visit this restaurant to eat food, especially kebab. The completely traditional atmosphere and environment of this restaurant has made this restaurant a special attraction for travelers.

The service and food quality in this restaurant is satisfactory and its prices are reasonable unlike other luxury restaurants in Shiraz.

Note: Sharzeh is only open in the evenings from 08:00 p.m.

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Iranian Lamb chops in Sharzeh Restaurant, Shiraz

Haft Khan Restaurant

Haft Khan is known for its luxurious atmosphere and exceptional service. It is a complex with multiple floors serving a wide selection of Persian dishes, Mediterranean cuisine and even fast food! Haft Khan restaurant in Shiraz is located at the entrance of the city and near the Quran Gate in front of Shiraz Grand Hotel. Its name is derived from the legends of Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, a Persian poetry book. Each section and each floor of this restaurant is designed and built for different tastes. In fact, it can be said that this restaurant is a complete collection of Iranian, traditional and international cuisine.

Haft Khan offers a fusion of Persian and Mediterranean cuisines. The restaurant’s elegant decor and attentive service make for a memorable dining experience, but make sure to book a table in advance!

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Haft Khan Restaurant in Shiraz

Shapouri House Restaurant

Located in a historical house in the center of Shiraz, Shapouri House Restaurant provides a unique dining experience. The restaurant offers a range of Persian dishes in an elegant and traditional setting. One of the most beautiful Persian gardens and mansions that you must see in Shiraz is here . This mansion with amazing architecture and a very beautiful and heartwarming space is one of the most popular sights in Shiraz. The good thing is that to visit this mansion and garden, you can plan to have a meal at the restaurant. Authentic Shirazi dishes are served to people with live music in this restaurant. The quality of the food is good and it can be said that it has an average price. Of course, you may not find an empty table easily during official holidays and travel season to Shiraz.

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Shapouri House, one of the best restaurants in Shiraz


Brentin restaurant, quality and intimacy
As a mid-priced restaurant, Brentin is one of the most famous and best restaurants in Shiraz. It has a very interesting decoration and view. Its menu is diverse and the quality of the food is very good and customer-friendly.

All kinds of Iranian and authentic Shirazi dishes are cooked and served in this restaurant. The most important and popular dishes of this restaurant are cherry pilaf, spicy shrimp pilaf and Tah-chin. It should be noted that the price of most of the dishes in this restaurant is reasonable. It can be said that Brentin restaurant is one of the most polpular restaurants in Shiraz.

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Meze Tray, Brentin Restaurant in Shiraz

Shater Abbas

Best Kebab Place in Shiraz 

Shater Abbas is one of the best and very popular restaurants in Shiraz. This restaurant is located near the Eram Garden and has a has a nostalgic and traditional atmosphere with a special charm. All kinds of Iranian kebabs and some authentic Shirazi dishes are cooked in this restaurant. Most of the dishes in this restaurant are served with hot bread and fresh vegetables. Most of the people who visit this restaurant to eat have positive feedback about this restaurant and recommend it to other travelers.

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Shater Abbas Kebab Restaurant in Shiraz

Kate Mas traditional restaurant

In the list of traditional restaurants, it is unfair to leave out the name of this all-inclusive restaurant. Unlike the previous one, this restaurant does not have a grand entrance and its name is simply seen on a small sign. The entrance to the restaurant is a narrow staircase with brick walls that ends in a large and pleasant space. The corners of the staircase are decorated with pottery vases and traditional chandeliers. The traditional clothes of the restaurant staff have been chosen with the utmost care and taste. Small ponds with brick walls on tiled floors, a high ceiling with beautiful carvings and wooden tables and chairs, all helped to create an intimate and friendly atmosphere. Even if you started this trip with your friends, the atmosphere of this restaurant will be suitable for you. Among the best restaurants in Shiraz, this restaurant is the most intimate and cozy choice you can have.

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Kate Mas Traditional Restaurant in Shiraz

Taj Mahal Indian restaurant

Best Indian restaurant in Shiraz 

One of the famous restaurants in Shiraz where you can enjoy Indian food is the Taj Mahal restaurant. If you are one of those people who like dishes or wish to enjoy Indian food, this restaurant is the right choice. The architecture and decoration of this restaurant has been implemented in the best possible way to have a pleasant atmosphere to welcome you. While in Shiraz, you can try this restaurant with Indian fresh food and enjoy your experience.

Note: As of July 2023 update, this restaurant is temporarily closed. Please make sure by calling them on +98 071 3634 4040

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Taj Mahal Indian restaurant in Shiraz