Canyoning tours have recently expanded as a new step in the Iranian tourism industry, with the necessary facilities and improving safety as well as developing knowledge. Nowadays, Canyoning tours in Iran are performed with higher quality than previously known, and are ranked among the most popular Nature Activities in Iran. Iran is a vast country with many surprises that most Iranians themselves are not fully aware of. The canyons of Iran are of these unknown areas.

Iransafar Tours is seeking to introduce you one of the most important and spectacular canyons in Iran. So if you are into nature and adventure, place this in your “To Do” list.


Raghaz Canyoning | Iran Canyoning Tours Iransafar

Raghaz | Iran’s most beautiful canyon

According to Iranian canyoneering experts, Raghaz is considered the best choice to embrace the challenge and excitement. There are many canyons in Iran but they are not as easy as Raghaz to traverse. It is one of the best canyoneering adventure experiences that you can have in your life. Canyoneering challenges many skills such as keeping balance, physical and mental fitness, swimming, rock climbing and more.

Several years ago when I first set foot in Raghaz Canyon, and rappelled the cascade path with ropes and experienced beautiful jumps in the clear, sometimes fish-full basins, I never thought this place would be one day a top destination for Adventurers.

Located 30 kilometers northeast of Darab city, surrounded by high cliffs on both sides, the four kilometer long Raghaz canyon lies peacefully in the middle of mountains. The word Raghaz means slippery, and locals know this beautiful valley as “Rud Khiz” Canyon.
Raghaz is a pristine and spectacular place, but keep in mind that going deep into this canyon is not easy for beginners. Traversers need to have at least a basic familiarity with swimming, rock climbing, and canyoneering techniques; professional equipment is needed as well.

✔️ When to go to Raghaz Canyon? 

To feel the best and most fulfilling enjoyment of being in this canyon, it is best to choose the rainy months of the year, such as May or early October, to visit.
Also, due to the relatively warm weather in May and October, diving in the cool water of the ponds would be joyful and refreshing.

✔️ How to get to Raghaz Canyon?

There are two ways to get to the spring source of the Raghaz area – one is about four hours walk and the other takes two hours with a 4×4.

The first route requires 4 hours of hiking from the village which is not recommended.
The second route is through the Darraguyeh Pass, which requires a guide or local help to get there because you need a 4×4 or a pick-up. This route takes less than 2 hours.

Either of the two routes you choose, you will be welcomed in any form by Raghaz Canyon with a clear and beautiful spring; here will be the start of the adventure.
Up to this point, no special equipment is needed, and anyone with any level of ability can reach this point. But in order to continue the first 23 meter high cascade you would definitely need equipment and a bit of expertise.

From the source you can start the traverse through the canyon and enjoy tens of beautiful cascades and basins creating wonderful sceneries. Due to abundance of spring water in the region, there are numerous cascades, 12 of which require rappelling, and others can be jumped or traversed by holding the rocks. The basins are usually deep enough to dive in.
The whole traverse takes about 6 hours and after a day of unrivaled experience you will reach “VEDA” waterfall –Veda means Goodbye- 46 meters high. After rappelling Veda there is a short climb at the end of the trail.

Raghaz Canyon Iran

Raghaz Traverse 

To reach the pristine parts, we must first take a short walk and then climb up and down the cliffs to reach the spring source. Along the trail we come across several small cascades and springs that lie in the heart of the canyon. This place is so pristine and the water is so clear that you can easily see the soles of your feet in the water.
In the calcareous cliffs of the gorge, many birds have nests and in the water many fish gather around your legs. The route to the waterfall will take you a lot of energy, so be sure to bring enough water and energy-boosting snacks.
Short cascades of Raghz have been called by some climbers under various names such as Negin, Boom Rang, Massoud, Gulab, Fat’h and Hekmat.
Negin is 16 meters high, Boom Rang is about 7 meters; Masoud is about 8 meters and Gulab is 11 meters high.
The tallest waterfall in this canyon is Azarakhsh which is 65 meters high. The other tall ones are called Kaboutar (25 m) and Veda (46 m).

Passing through this exciting canyon you will reach the last cascade, which is 46 meters high. At the bottom of this cascade there is a basin called “Heart Pool” because of its shape. Here’s the end of this adventure. So take a breath and enjoy the pure nature of the gorge because you have still a long way to go back!

The heart pond (Hoz-cheh Ghalb in Farsi) is located in the south of the canyon, and now we have to go back home through a slightly more difficult route. To traverse this path you would need to cross narrow tracks, to swim occasionally and to be familiar with rock climbing techniques. In this route, the provincial authorities have installed a few facilities and equipment, including rope that will make you’re your life a bit easier!

✔️ What equipment is needed for Raghaz Canyon?

Day bag, flashlight, hat, strapped sunglasses, drinking water, flask, snack, sunscreen, garbage bag, insect repellent, extra clothes and a first aid kit.
You also need technical equipment such as climbing harness, rappelling gear, rope, a helmet, a life jacket, rock climbing rope, proper shoes and a pair of toe closed sandal. If you plan to stay in the canyon overnight, take bivouac equipment.

✔️ Things to know before you go to Raghaz Canyon

  1. It is best to have a waterproof backpack or seal it. Put your cell phone and other stuff separately in zip bags and then in two, three plastic bags, then put them all in a big bag and finally in your backpack. Make sure the air inside the bags is expelled.
  2. Don’t go to the waterfalls without a guide.
  3. If you are afraid of altitude or water, it is best to stay at the source and not continue inside the canyon.
  4. If it rains, postpone the trip to another time.
  5. Traveling to Raghaz is not an easy task and requires energy, time, expertise and equipment, so get enough rest before traveling and get all your equipment ready.
  6. Be sure to have water, nuts, dates, and chocolates.
  7. There is no type of accommodation in the canyon area and renting a local village house is not possible.