Traveling is always a pleasure, especially if we know what we are going to do, what we are looking for, and what places we are interested in. One of the most important parts of travel is overnight accommodation, which is almost the most important part of the traveler’s mental engagement before the trip begins.
Although it was customary to stay in luxury hotels in the past, nowadays, passengers’ attitudes, tastes, and interests have changed a lot and travelers have opted to stay in traditional homes, INNs with local atmosphere, farms, village houses, unusual hotels or eco-friendly resorts.
For many travelers, the atmosphere of these places is more enjoyable than staying in four- and five-star hotels in a city; on the other hand, these usually eco-friendly accommodations are mostly located in the countryside around large cities in some pleasant and secluded areas. Therefore, travelers can experience peace away from the bustle and pollution of the crowded cities.

Kandovan Rocky Hotel Iran

1Laleh Hotel, Kandovan | Caverns of tranquility

Kandovan village in East Azerbaijan province is famous for its rock hewn houses that resemble ice cream funnel, attractive both inside and outside. But next to the village, there is a rocky hotel that can provide a more beautiful and private space for every tourist. Accommodation in a rocky hotel with stone walls and walls will also be a memorable night for Tabriz tourists.
This beautiful rock hotel that is set among the quaint hotels of Iran is the Laleh Kandovan Hotel. Laleh Kandovan Rock Hotel Since it is the third rock hotel, it is one of the most exceptional hotels in the world. The historic village of Kandovan is located 2 kilometers from the city of Esko and 22 kilometers from the city of Tabriz.
The hotel has 40 rooms and suites, Restaurant and café
Some believe that the village of Kandovan dates back to the 13th century AD and some believe it to be pre-Islamic.
The architectural style of the Hotel Kandovan is also inspired by the houses of the village in the same traditional way. The conical and pyramidal hills of these houses sometimes reach up to 3 meters, which are dug in the mountains like honey bees.

Eco friendly hotels Iran

2Ghal’eh Ganj Hotel | Desert dwelling

Kerman Ghaleh Ganj Hotel is built in such a way that even its shape and appearance confirms that it is among the quaint hotels of Iran. As the only “Mud- Hut” hotel in the world, Kerman Ghale Ganj hotel has become one of the most attractive resorts any tourist wishes to stay in. The mud-hut Hotel welcomes a large number of foreign tourists year round. One of the features that this hotel has among the quaint hotels of Iran is that it is very nature friendly.

The style of the hotel is designed in such a way that there is no environmental pollution to the surroundings at all. This hotel has 30 Traditional huts all of which are made of materials such as date palm leaves Mazari Palm shrubs (Nannorrhops ritchiana). Apart from the traditional atmosphere of the Ghal’eh Ganj Hotel, with its rooms, it has all the standards and facilities of an ordinary modern hotel.
One of the beauties of staying at this hotel is experiencing the lifestyle of the indigenous people of the area and living in “Kapar”s which makes a special and unforgettable memory. You might be curious to know that this exotic hotel in Iran has no other foreign examples around the world!

Eco friendly hotels Iran

3Pazargad Hotel, Assaluyeh | Joy of staying in Pipes

In Bushehr province, in the city of Asalouyeh, there is port called Shirino where you can find an usual hotel built on the beach, made of industrial pipes!
Every family can live in a pipe that has been modified for this purpose without the slightest problem.
Structures are made of GRP (Glassiber Reinforced Plastic Pipe) which form a capsule big enough for a bed, split, refrigerator, TV, and a kitchenette.
GRP is a large type of pipe used in marine industry and some of these pipes have been brought from the waste depot of one of the petrochemical complexes to be converted into a hotel. These hotel units are called Viollas.

Zein-o-Din hotel Iran

4Zein-o-Din Caravanserai | 400 year old survivor

Zein-o-Din Caravanserai located 67 km from Yazd Road to Kerman dates back to Safavid era (17th century) when GanjAli Khan governed Kerman. Unlike the usual method of building in Islamic Architecture, Zein-o-Din was designed circular. This Caravanserai is one of the most beautiful buildings of Safavid era and from architectural material point of view is not comparable to any other structure of the same kind.  reason for choosing a round and circular shape for the Zein-o-Din caravanserai was the ability to withstand sand storms in the central desert and to moderate the temperature inside. However, some experts have cited a third reason for the structure’s round shape and believe that this type of construction was chosen to further protect the place against looting and bandit attack.

The Caravanseri is now used as a hotel with the slightest changes to the building. Passing through the wooden gate, to the left and right, there are original dormitory corridors with wooden platforms covered with thick cloths for privacy. At the bottom of the porches there are also private rooms for sleeping visitors, which used to be storage space for valuable luggage of travelers in the past.. Iranian rugs are spread on the floor of each room and there is no sign of bed … mattresses and blankets will take you back in time!

Zein-o-Din Caravanserai hotel Iran