Iran Travel Insurance 

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Our comprehensive Iran travel insurance offers extensive coverage, encompassing medical, COVID-19, lost baggage, lost documents, and legal protection. Additionally, you’ll have access to 24/7 live assistance throughout your journey. This insurance is designed to provide you with peace of mind and support during your travels in Iran. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact. Safe travels!


Here’s a simple process to obtain your travel insurance:

Calculate easily your Iran travel insurance cost
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Iran Travel Insurance Package 

Travelling to Iran is an enriching experience filled with history, culture, and adventure. However, ensuring a smooth journey involves considering unforeseen circumstances. That’s where our Iran Travel Insurance Package with 10,000 Euro coverage comes into play. This comprehensive insurance plan offers protection and peace of mind for your travels to Iran.

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Key Features

✓ Comprehensive Coverage

Our insurance package offers extensive coverage, including medical expenses, dental emergencies, Covid -19, and accident emergency assistance, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.

✓ High Coverage Limit

With a coverage limit of 10,000 Euros, travelers can rest assured that they have adequate financial protection in case of emergencies or accidents.

✓ 24/7 Support

We understand that emergencies can occur at any time. That’s why our package includes round-the-clock support to assist you wherever you are in Iran.

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IranSafar VISTA Package 

Our VISTA package includes Visa support, 15-day Travel Insurance, Airport Transfer, a local SIM Card with internet package, and travel planning assistance; All in one package with the best deal!

Visa Authorization

Within 3-7 days 

Travel Insurance

15 D – €10,000

Airport Transfer 

Airport to Hotel

Sim – Card

Call + Internet 5G

Price 90.00 € 

110.00 €

Why Iran Travel Insurance?

After diligently saving and conducting thorough research, you’ve finally made the decision to apply for an Iran visa. Congratulations are in order! You may have heard murmurs about the necessity of procuring travel insurance for your journey. However, you might be pondering, “Is obtaining travel insurance for Iran truly imperative?” In short: YES.


The Importance of Iran Travel Insurance

When it comes to traveling to Iran, there are two primary reasons why securing travel insurance is paramount. Firstly, possessing travel insurance is a prerequisite for obtaining your Iran visa. Without presenting valid insurance documentation, you’ll encounter hurdles in collecting your visa, whether from the embassy or the visa office at the airport. Secondly, unforeseen mishaps shouldn’t be allowed to derail your long-awaited expedition. A robust travel insurance policy can shield you from such mishaps and mitigate the financial burdens associated with them.


Using Your Existing Travel Insurance

If you’re already covered by a travel insurance policy, exercise caution. Not all travel insurances are created equal, especially concerning trips to Iran. Many policies offered outside of Iran may not be applicable or may have limitations when it comes to Iranian travel. This stems from historical political tensions and sanctions between Iran and the West, leading numerous insurers to exclude Iran from their coverage lists. Hence, if you intend to utilize your existing travel insurance for acquiring your Iran visa, ensure that “Iran” is explicitly included in the list of covered destinations. Some insurance companies may use broad terms like “Asia” or “Middle East,” but even these may not suffice for visa officers. It’s advisable to request a document from your insurance provider explicitly mentioning Iran in the coverage list.


Securing Iran Travel Insurance

For those without pre-existing travel insurance or whose policies are unsuitable for Iran, acquiring Iran-specific travel insurance becomes imperative. While options exist for purchasing insurance directly from the embassy or visa office at the airport, opting for IranSafar ‘s online insurance service offers convenience and efficiency. In a mere five minutes, you can secure your Iran travel insurance at competitive rates, with the added benefit of receiving it within two working days.


Best Iran Travel Insurance

When it comes to travel insurance in Iran, Saman Insurance stands out as the premier choice, offering unparalleled service and comprehensive coverage. With a reputation for reliability and efficiency, Saman Insurance ensures travelers have peace of mind throughout their journeys. From medical emergencies to trip cancellations, their policies are designed to provide extensive protection, allowing travelers to explore Iran with confidence. With Iran Safar, you can easily apply for Saman Travel Insurance and rest assured knowing that you are supported by a company that prioritizes your safety and well-being, making it the top pick for anyone planning a trip to Iran.


Coverage Details

From lost baggage to unexpected family emergencies, various unforeseen circumstances can disrupt your journey. Partnered with Saman Insurance Company, one of Iran’s most reputable insurers, IranSafar offers comprehensive coverage to safeguard your travels. When you opt for insurance through IranSafar , you’re protected against a range of expenses, including but not limited to:


✓ Emergency medical expenses

✓ Emergency return home due to a close family member’s death or serious illness

✓ Loss of essential documents (passport, driving license, national ID card)

✓ Legal assistance in case of legal issues

✓ Repatriation of mortal remains

✓ Loss or delay of registered luggage


Refer to the following table for a detailed breakdown of coverage cases and associated costs:


Coverage Details Coverage amount up to
Medical Emergency €10,000
Emergency Dental Care€200
Emergency Return Home Following Death of close family member or Serious Illness
Actual Expenses
Transport or Repatriation in Case of Illness or Accident
Repatriation of Mortal Remains
Actual Expenses
Legal Assistance
Repatriation of Family Member Traveling with the Insured
Actual Expenses
Loss of Passport, Driving License, National Identity Card Abroad
Loss of Registered Luggage


When you choose IranSafar for your Iran travel insurance, you gain access to a comprehensive range of coverage, ensuring a worry-free journey. Here’s a detailed breakdown of coverage cases and the corresponding maximum coverage amounts:


Medical Emergency

Acceptance and transfer of the insured to the nearest medical center, necessary coordination to transfer the insured to a more equipped medical center according to the opinion of the trusted doctor, use of air ambulance or return the insured to the country of origin if needed and also in case of lack of an equipped center in destination country

  • Coverage Amount: €10,000


Emergency Dental Care

The Expenses of dental emergencies is limited to the costs that are done to relieve toothache, treat infection and dental extraction

  • Coverage Amount: €200
  • Deductible: EUR 25


Emergency Return Home Following Death of close family member or Serious Illness

  • Coverage Amount: Actual Expenses


Transport or Repatriation in Case of Illness or Accident

  • Coverage Amount: €5500


Repatriation of Mortal Remains

  • Coverage Amount: Actual Expenses


Legal Assistance

  • Coverage Amount: €250


Repatriation of Family Member Traveling with the Insured

  • Coverage Amount: Actual Expenses


Loss of Passport, Driving License, National Identity Card Abroad

  • Coverage Amount: €200


Loss of Registered Luggage

  • Coverage Amount: €150

Note: Benefits for loss of registered luggage cannot be accumulated.


Understanding the specifics of your coverage ensures you are well-prepared for any unforeseen circumstances during your travels to Iran. With IranSafar and Saman Insurance Company as your supporters, you can travel with confidence, knowing that a robust safety net is in place to handle various situations, allowing you to focus on the joyous experiences that Iran has to offer.



Iran Travel Insurance – FAQs

Why do I need travel insurance for Iran?
Travel insurance for Iran provides essential coverage for unexpected events during your trip, including medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and baggage or travel document loss. It ensures you have financial protection and access to necessary assistance services while traveling in Iran.
What does Iran travel insurance typically cover?
Iran travel insurance usually covers medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, trip cancellation or interruption, baggage loss or delay, and some may include coverage for activities such as adventure sports or hazardous activities. It's essential to review the policy details to understand specific coverage.
Is travel insurance mandatory for visiting Iran?
Yes, travel insurance with coverage for Iran is mandatory for visa issuance. For Iran VOA, you require a proof of travel insurance upon arrival, and some tour operators or visa facilitators may also mandate it. Always check the latest requirements before traveling to Iran.
What should I consider when choosing Iran travel insurance?
When selecting Iran travel insurance, consider factors such as coverage limits, exclusions, deductibles, pre-existing conditions coverage, emergency assistance services, and the insurer's reputation for handling claims efficiently. It's crucial to choose a policy tailored to your specific travel needs.
How much does Iran travel insurance cost?
The cost of our offered Iran travel insurance varies depending on factors such as your age and trip duration. On average, basic travel insurance for Iran can range from $12 to $300 for a short-term trip, but prices may vary based on individual circumstances and policy features.
Can I purchase travel insurance for Iran after I arrive in the country?
It's recommended to purchase Iran travel insurance before your trip begins. While some insurers may offer coverage after arrival, it's better to have insurance in place from the start of your journey to ensure continuous protection against unforeseen events.
Can I use my existing travel insurance for Iran trip?
Yes, you can obtain your Iran visa with your existing travel insurance. But, most International travel insurance companies wouldn't cover Iran due to sanctions. Therefore, It is recommended to provide Iran travel insurance via Iranian companies.
What documents do I need to provide when purchasing a travel insurance for Iran?
When submitting a travel insurance application for Iran, you typically need to only provide your passport information.