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For those who travel to Iran, hotel reservation is a very important issue that facilitates and accelerates the travel decision-making process. Iran Safar’s Iran hotel online booking system is one of the fastest and most reputable hotel booking websites in Iran and offers the best discounts to travelers on different occasions.

Iran is an extremely attractive tourist destination. The country has a rich cultural heritage with 22 UNESCO listed sites. Its tourist attractions range from ancient Persepolis ruins to beaches on the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea to Ski resorts in the Alborz mountains. Iran’s hospitality industry is growing rapidly and high-standard hotels have been established in recent years in main destinations such as TehranShirazIsfahanKerman and Yazd.


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Before the 1979 revolution, Tehran’s hotel market had one of the highest penetrations of international hotel operators in the region with IHG, Hyatt, Hilton and Starwood operating hotels in prime locations. Following the revolution, the industry witnessed decades of stagnation. The departure of international hotel operators had significant impact on the quality of hotel management, resulting in a generally low quality of service.


Homa Hotels 

If you have paid attention to the names of Iranian hotels on hotel reservation websites, you have probably noticed the high number of Homa hotels. This hotel group can be considered as one of the most famous and oldest companies in this industry.

Currently, there are more than 800 rooms of this hotel scattered in different cities of the country, and even if you look in the smallest cities, you can find at least one building of Homa hotels. These hotels have the best level of service and quality and are an ideal choice


Laleh Hotels

Laleh international hotels are another group of hotel chains that exist in Iran. This group has started its activity since 1960 and has been providing quality services to travelers and tourists for more than half a century.

At the beginning of its work, this hotel was affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism of Iran and carried out its activities under its supervision, but now it is managed privately. Currently, there are 5 hotels from the Laleh hotel complex in the cities of Chabahar, Kandovan, Tehran, Sarein and Bistun, all of which have very good architecture and services.


Kowsar Hotels 

If you are looking for hotels that provide you with the right facilities and services at a reasonable price, without a doubt, Kawsar hotels will be the best option. There are these hotels in the cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Qom, Kordan, Ramsar and Bandar Anzali, which you can book online.

The quality of services and the beauty of the rooms of this hotel are so high that important people such as Catherine Ashton, who is the high representative of the European Union in foreign and security policy, have stayed there. One of the best hotels in this collection is Sepid Kenar hotel at Bandar-e Anzali, which brings you a very pleasant stay.


Pars Hotels 

This group, which started its work in the field of hotel management in 1380, now has 6 hotels in different cities of the country and has established 4 and 5 star residences. The cities where this hotel is located include Abadan, Kish island, Mashhad, Tabriz, Ahvaz and Kerman.

All these hotels have large and tall buildings and all of them belong to the category of 5-star hotels, for this reason they may have a slightly higher price than other hotel groups, but their strength is their unique services and facilities. which provide during the stay.


Espinas Hotels

There are many hotels in Tehran, all of which have their strengths, but if you are looking for a luxury hotel with a very high history, Espinas Hotel is the best option. This hotel group, which has 2 hotels in Tehran, is the first group to operate 5-star hotels in the country after the revolution.

In addition to the luxurious space inside the rooms, there are many facilities for entertainment inside the hotel. For example, in the Espinas Astara Hotel, there is a large and well-equipped billiard room where travelers and tourists can spend their free time.

In addition, all 3 hotels of this tourist complex have a very beautiful and green space around the building, and since most of the rooms have a view of the outside space and area, they create a very attractive and dreamy atmosphere. But it should be noted that it costs more compared to other accommodations.

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