When we travel to a new country, the first thing we look for is its monuments and museums. Nothing can acquaint you with the culture of different ethnicities as much as visiting cultural and historical places. That is why monuments and museums are so important all over the world, and governments are trying to be a good maintainer of these places as much as possible. There are many historical monuments in Iran and that’s why Iran cultural tours are very popular.

Iran Cultural Tours:

Visit Iran’s Cultural Highlights

Travel to Iran is so easy and tourism of Iran is diverse. It includes a wide range of activities from sightseeing in old charming towns to hiking and skiing in the Alborz and Zagros mountains, or spending a relaxing holiday beaching by the Persian Gulf or the Caspian Sea.

Only a few countries in the world carve such a deep, lasting impression on a traveler as Iran does. As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Iran has more than you expect to see and experience. You can find a significant number of historical and cultural attractions, local bazaars, and amazing landscape in this beautiful and ancient country. Whether you enjoy walking through the old districts of the town, or spend a few hours in an authentic café, or even passionate about spending a few days with Iranian nomads, Iran offers all.

The Iranian government and the private section have recently made concerted efforts to improve the infrastructure in order attract visitors to the numerous destinations in Iran. Therefore, arrivals have increased in recent years.

A trip to Iran is full of unexpected experience but one thing is certain: you won’t return home quite the same after the trip! After traveling to Iran, almost all visitors regard this country as one of the most beautiful places and claim that nature and some attractions in Iran are like nowhere in the world.

Tourist groups in Iran

Iran Private Tours

Our Tour specialists at Iran Safar Travel, are able to help you tailor and customize an enjoyable Iran Private Tour. The tailor-made packages are available for those who wish to visit Iran with a flexible itinerary and spend their time on their interested activities. In order to provide flexibility and comfort during your Iran Private Tour, you’ll be accompanied by an expert private driver, or an experienced private guide who will help you have a memorable Iran trip. Our experts will help you design your own Iran travel itinerary according to your taste and preferences and will stay in touch before and during the trip to answer all your questions and to ensure your satisfaction. All our Iran cultural and nature tour packages – designed and hand-picked by local tourism experts – can be also done as private trips.