A travel across Iran is a rich cultural experience like no other. From the hustle and bustle of busy cities to the tranquility of fascinating villages, we have a wide variety of small group tours in Iran to suit every type of taste and interest. You can easily join our scheduled group tours in Iran to explore countless wonders of ancient Persia; from experiencing the chaotic markets to mesmerizing Persepolis. Our Iran group tours offer a never before experience where you learn about Iran’s spectacular monuments, fascinating Persian history and captivating stories that never cease to astound you.

Iran Group Tours 2023 & 2024

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Why book a group tour in Iran?

Considering a trip to Iran but new to small group travel?

Iran Safar offers multiple group tour packages that you can choose as per your requirements and preferences. Pick your favorite package, book it, and you are just minutes away from putting another tick on your wish list. The best part – you can avoid the stress of running around for arranging accommodation and travel as everything is available at the click of a mouse.

Group holiday packages with Iran Safar will include transportation, accommodation at standard hotels, meals as well as included sightseeing tours.
If you have already decided to travel to Iran in a group with your friends but hate to be the one to make all the plans, a well-priced international group tour package in Iran is what you need.

we offer group tours that have itineraries planned and supervised by experts, and fit snugly into your budget while taking you to some of the most exotic places in legendary Persia!

Iran Tours


Our scheduled Iran group tours are small escorted tours of between 10 to 14 people. If you are travelling solo or as a small group on a specific date, and want to join other people, these tours provide a great chance to meet new people and discover a new country together at a cost-effective price.

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When you travel in group, rather than alone, you’ll have a great sense of safety & comfort. Having an experienced guide, expert drivers and being able to get first hand advice on places to visit or to avoid; this is priceless

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Most experienced, passionate and knowledgeable tour guides are employed to lead our Iran Group Tours. During cultural trips, our certified expert  guides will answer all questions and provide a unique and factual view of your journey.

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When you travel with a group, you’re going to save a lot of cash and time. As for group tours, companies are able to negotiate great discount rates for services such as flights & hotels that would never be the same with individual reservations.

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Iran Group Tours Schedule 2023

Iran Classic Tour – 10 days 

May 07 – May 16 (2023) ⇢ English Speaking Group

May 21 – May 30 (2023) ⇢ English Speaking Group

Sep 10 –  Sep 19  (2023) ⇢ English Speaking Group

Oct 01 –  Oct 10   (2023) ⇢ English Speaking Group

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Blue Domes – 12 days in Iran 

May 19 – May 30 (2023) ⇢ English Speaking Group

Sep 08 –  Sep 19  (2023) ⇢ English Speaking Group

Sep 28 –  Oct 10   (2023)⇢ English Speaking Group

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Persian Treasury – 15 days in Iran 

Sep 08 –  Sep 23   ⇢ English Speaking Group

Sep 28 –  Oct 13  ⇢ English Speaking Group

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