Hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the largest cities in Iran that has been highly regarded by domestic and foreign tourists in various aspects such as cultural and religious tourism as well as health tourism. The reputation of historical attractions such as Persepolis and tomb of Hafez and the worldview of Shiraz on the one hand, and the holy shrine of Shahcheragh on the other hand has made this city one of the best places in Iran for Iranian and foreign tourists. In recent years, thanks to the unparalleled progress of medical services and the presence of the best doctors in Shiraz, this city has become one of the centers of medical tourism in Iran. That’s why Shiraz hotel industry is growing fast!

Celebrated as the capital of Persian culture for over 2000 years, Shiraz is globally renowned for its wine, Persian poetry , education, and Persian gardens. The city was once the capital of Iran during the Zand Dynasty (AD 1747 – 79), when many of Shiraz’s famous places were built or restored.


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Best hotels in Shiraz

The title of “The best hotels in Shiraz”, totally depends on your taste, interests and budget. Some people want to stay in a luxury hotel with full facility; while others may prefer to stay in a simple and clean residence with traditional decorations to feel closer to the poetic atmosphere of the ancient city, and of course save on money. Therefore, in this article, we have tried to talk about Shiraz accommodation and some of the best hotels in Shiraz according to the guests’ reviews:



Zandiyeh Hotel

Zandiyeh Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in the city center of Shiraz. The hotel is close to Karim Khan Citadel (ARG) and other sites of Zandieh complex. Influenced by Iranian architecture style, and by Shiraz architecture elements, Zandiyeh Hotel offers a variety of high class services. Well-disciplined staff, state-of-the-art facilities and services accompany with good location, make this Hotel suitable enough to be the first and the best choice of most travelers. Guest at Zandiyeh Hotel gets nothing short of VIP treatment!





Shiraz Grand Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel is perhaps the most famous and luxurious hotel in Shiraz. The hotel offers world-class facilities and amenities just as you can find in top destinations across the world. The remarkable highlight of the hotel is the modern architecture and its amazing location inside Quran Gate cliffs. It is usually the first thing that catches your eyes right when you enter Shiraz through the main road.
Covering over 40,000 m2, Shiraz Grand Hotel provides large well-appointed rooms, all designed with amazing facilities that are needed for a comfortable stay. The hotel is built on top of a hill, so you would enjoy a panoramic view of the town.




Homa Hotel

The oldest 5-star hotel of Shiraz is located right at the heart of the city. Homa Hotel welcomes Shiraz visitors with its world-class facilities, huge public spaces, dining area, sport & health centers. Staffs at the hotel will do everything possible to make you a memorable trip by providing all the care and comfort you need.
With over 230 rooms well arranged on 10 floors, each room offers great views of the city. Book a room in Shiraz Homa Hotel and experience a high quality stay at Shiraz. Other amazing features of the hotel include free parking, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, 24 hours taxi services, spa, meeting rooms and fitness salon.




Pars Hotel

Located right on the edge of the central zone of Shiraz, Pars International Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in Shiraz. The hotel is just 10 minutes away from any major attraction and 20 minutes to the airport.
Pars Hotel consists of two 13- storied towers with almost 200 accommodation units. Each room features a minibar, safe box, wireless internet, air-condition, and a telephone. Free breakfast buffet is available to all guests. If you’d like a taste of international cuisine, visit one of the three onsite restaurant. Even if you don’t have Iranian currency, don’t bother to wait at the money exchange queues ; the hotel accepts all foreign currencies.

Pars Hotel Group 



Taha Traditional Hotel 

Taha Traditional Hotel features a gorgeous and traditional patio. The property is an original 120-year-old house remaining from Qajar period. With the reconstructions done in 2014, it has been used as a hotel. This traditional residence, like most historic residences, has a lovely flowered courtyard with 10 rooms set around. The residence does not have a restaurant, but with a short walk you can reach some of the famous restaurants of the city. Taha residence is near some of the best attractions of Shiraz such as Karim Khan Citadel and Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque. Taha hotel has dorm-style rooms suitable for budget travelers and also private rooms. Enjoy a good night rest on comfy beds. Each of the 20 rooms also has a TV, small fridge, and air conditioning.




Royal Hotel 

Do you prefer to stay in a modern hotel in Shiraz? One good choice would be Shiraz Royal Hotel, an expression of efficiency and elegance. Royal Hotel was built in 2015 to provide visitors with an ornate accommodation. According to clients’ reviews, this hotel has reasonable prices regarding the services it provides. This 4-star hotel is considered as one of the best accommodation options in the city. Friendly customer service, well-appointed rooms, great location, and good facilities, all has made Shiraz Royal Hotel a favorite among travelers.




Elysee Hotel 

Far from the center, Elysee Hotel is located in the west of Shiraz in a modern residential area, which is the nearest spot to the international exhibition. Most of the trading and shopping centers are located in the same area. It is good to know that Elysee Hotel was the first boutique hotel built in Shiraz run by a caring team. Renowned for its amazing quiet location, Elysee Hotel is just 25 minutes from the central attractions of Shiraz. The hotel has 68 well- designed rooms fully equipped with safe box, wireless internet, cable TV, and mini bar. From the time that you check in to check out, expect to receive VIP treatment.




Karim khan Hotel 

Centrally located in Shiraz, The 4-star Karimkhan Hotel was established in 2013 in Rudaki street of Shiraz. The hotel setting is slightly traditional, and all staff is adorned in their traditional dresses.
The hotel has 51 accommodation unit each equipped with the following amenities to make your stay a memorable one: Air conditioning,Tea Maker, Minibar, Flatscreen TV, Hair dryer, Clothes rack, Wake-up service / alarm clock, etc. All rooms are kept clean and you will enjoy your stay at this nice and quiet hotel.




Chamran Grand Hotel 

Looking for a luxury 5-star hotel in Shiraz? You may find the Chamran Grand Hotel, The tallest hotel in Shiraz – Iran’s capital of culture and history- located in the beautiful district of Ghasrodasht, with a breathtaking view and the heavenly gardens in the vicinity. Therefore, you can enjoy unbeatable city views. This is a 5-star luxurious hotel, and it also prides itself as the tallest building in Shiraz with 30 floors with 250 rooms and suites. The 24th and 25th-floor houses various kinds of local and international restaurants. The ultramodern facilities of the hotel will make your stay a pleasant one.