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Damavand North Face Track

Damavand, Tehran Province, Iran


5 Days

Tour Type

Specific Tour

Group Size

5-10 people


English, Francais


Damavand Expedition | North Face 

This is Damavand‘s most challenging track and requires some experience. It’s quite steep in some parts and involves clambering. The wind is usually strong on Damavand’s north face so it is also much colder than the south face. In May and June, there is often snow and ice. There are two shelters along this route at 4,000 meters and then at 4,700 meters.


Damavand Climb Team Damavand Climb – North Face Track 


Damavand Climb – Northern Track

Damavand ascent from the north face is the steepest and most difficult track among the four main routes of Damavand.


General Information

Climbing to Damavand summit from the north face is usually done in groups in the form of a 2 day or 2.5 day program, with the first day or night moving from Tehran to Nandal village and driving with 4×4 to 2900 m. We reach the Sang-e Bozorg camp at an altitude of about 3000 meters. From here, the backpacks are handed over to the mules that have already been coordinated in the village to the first shelter (4,000 Shelter, alt: 3850 m) or to the second shelter (5,000 Shelter, alt: 4800m).

Ascent from the starting point to the first refuge takes about 5 hours on average, from there to the second refuge about 2.5 hours and from the second refuge to the summit about 6 hours.


Damavand Hiking Gear Checklist
  1. Hiking shoes
  2. Baselayer pants
  3. Trekking pants
  4. Water proof jacket
  5. Windbreaker jacket
  6. Base gloves
  7. Polar gloves
  8. Glove cover
  9. Head band
  10. Cap hat
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Multi-day backpack (min 45 liters)
  13. Water (2 liters )
  14. Refreshments
  15. ََAlpenstock
  16. Headlamp and extra battery
  17. Identification card
  18. Sports insurance card
  19. Solo rope
  20. Screw carabiner
  21. Lightweight sleeping bag
  22. Sleeping bag mat
  23. First aid kit
  24. Survival Kit
  25. Face Masks and disinfectants 


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Day 1: Drive to Nandal - Overnight stay in a guest house in Nandal (2300m)

The north face is one of the hard tracks of Damavand. To reach this track. Like all other faces of Damavand, we go from Haraz road to Nandal village. The exit of Nandal village is between tunnels 7 and 8 of Haraz road, which is known as Delarestagh crossroad. From there we reach Nandel village by a winding asphalt road about 20 km.
Overnight Stay at a village house in Nandal.

The day before the climb we stay in Nandel village and enjoy nature and the surrounding plains. Since this village is about 2700 meters high, your body will have more time to adapt to the conditions.

Day 2: Drive by 4x4 to Sang-e Bozorg (3000m) , hiking to 4000 shelter - Overnight in base camp

After coordinating the vehicle and the mules, we drive for about an hour on the dirt road to reach the Sang-e Bozorg.

The hiking track starts from the big rock (Sang-e Bozorg) to the south and southwest.

Day 3: Climb to 5000 shelter(~4700m), Overnight in camp

Day 4: Ascent to summit, return to base camp

Hike to the summit and return to the first base camp
Please note: Conditions at altitudes above 5,000 meters are such that they must be given extreme consideration. Usually, people who plan to climb work on their lungs a few days in advance and prepare their body by doing aerobic exercises such as cycling and running. In this case, try to keep your breathing rhythm constant and breathe fast if necessary.

Day 5: Drive back to Tehran


Tour's Location

Damavand, Tehran Province, Iran


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