When it comes to important tourist attractions of Iran, everyone’s mind goes to cities such as ShirazIsfahanYazdQeshm or Kish island.  However, the beauties of Iran are not limited to these cities and there are different and attractive destinations in every corner of Iran that can bring you an exciting and heartwarming trip. One of these destinations is the beautiful city of Chabahar in the southeastern tip of Iran; A port city with unique natural attractions like no other in Iran.


History of Chabahar

Exact information about the urban background of this port is not available; But historical evidences show that the port has long been important. Chabahar, formerly known as Tis, is located in southeastern Iran, on the Gulf of Oman, and serves as Iran’s only oceanic port that was first developed in 1973 by the last Shah of Iran.
The port is first known during Alexander the Great’s conquests, later The Portuguese forces under Afonso de Albuquerque gained control of the region, staying there til 1621. The British, and later the Portuguese in the 17th century entered this area. In 1854, Ibrahim Khan Behzadi Bami was appointed to the Bampur government by the Qajar king. During his rule in Bampur, he was able to make Baluchistan part of Iran. In 1864, Ibrahim Khan expanded the Iranian border to near Chabahar and Goater, but Chabahar remained under Arab rule. Finally, in 1872, the central government of Iran intervened and the ruler of Bampur was able to capture Chabahar; Since then, Chabahar has been a part of Iran.


What to see in Chabahar

Chabahar port has a mild climate in all seasons similar to what is experienced in spring, so it is also called Chahar Bahar meaning “four spring times”. In addition to the favorable climate and important strategic location, this lost paradise of Iran also has unique tourist attractions that attract many visitors every year.


Sahel-e Darak

Darak village ,located where the Sea of Oman reaches the Indian Ocean, consists of some hills and palm trees on the beach that create lovely scenes. Therefore the village is a potential touristic site, with enjoyable types of cliff, sandy and coral beaches in the vicinity. In the coastline, the waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Indian Ocean collide and The perceived coastlines of the sands and palm trees create wonderful scenes.

chabahar mountains

Maritian mountains or Merikhi mountains

Maritian mountains, dragged along the shore from Kachu Area to Gowater Gulf, are one of the geomorphological phenomena in Sistan balouchestan province that have been under Oman Sea for several million years,Therefore various fossils of creatures such as shells and fish can be found in these indredible mountains.

Maritain Mountains are about 35 to 40 kilometers away from Chabahar. Unlike Mars, Martian mountains are colored somewhere between Goldsmith and white, and also during the day, they show different colors. This mountain range is formed along the Zagros Mountains and has different altitudes all over; in some places, there are 5 meters high and in some others up to 100 meters high and so difficult to climb.

beris port

Beris Port

Beris Fishing port,located in a village in Sand-e Mir Suiyan Rural District is wellknown for its rocky cliffs that overlook the Omansea giving the area a dramatic look, and make this place look like an illustration from a book. Port of Beris has a good strategic position, and it is an important fishing center, providing the area with seafood.
The port of Beris is mainly located on the layers of dense, semi-collapsible, sandstone of the third period of geology. The extrusions are visible in the range of rocky cliffs overlooking the southern coast.
One of the most important features of this beautiful Port is its unique scenery and unique pier which can play a significant role in attracting tourists from different cultures and help expanding ecotourism.