Iran is a vast land and every corner of it has different climatic conditions. Some areas are desert and arid, some are humid and temperate, and some are mountainous. The two high mountain ranges of Alborz and Zagros and their high peaks are covered with snow on many days of the year, and this has created excellent conditions for those interested in the exciting sport of skiing. Every year, Iran’s ski slopes host a large number of ski enthusiasts who come to these ski resorts from different cities.

Skiing in Iran


How skiing came to Iran?
“Ski” was brought to Iran by students who once traveled to Europe to study (1930s). At that time, a number of Sweden and Swiss engineers who were working in Iran to build a railway, started to make a small ski resort for the first time with the help of a young Iranian student group returning from overseas. In 1940 and 1941, due to the involvement of the World War II, no ski equipment was imported to Iran and skiing did not progress much. But in 1946, when the trade relations between Iran and Europe were reestablished, skiing also flourished and its equipment reached Iran. Currently, Iran is the best place to ski in the middle east and the largest and best ski center in Iran is “Shemshak”.


List of Ski Slopes in Iran 

Iran has a long list of ski slopes for four seasons, which attracts many tourists annually from overseas. In the meantime, we have compiled a list of the best ski slopes for you dear ones along with their exact addresses.


DIZIN ski resort – Tehran 

Dizin Ski complex is located in the Alborz Mountain range just about 120 km north of Tehran and was established in 1969. Head 90 minutes outside Tehran into the cragged Alborz mountain range to reach Dizin, Iran’s most famous ski resort. With lifts reaching a peak altitude of about 12,000 feet, desirable dry snow is abundant throughout the exceptionally long ski season, which sometimes can last well into May. It is undoubtedly the best ski resort in Iran which has been officially recognized by the International Ski Federation for its capacity in administering official and international competitions. With the high altitude of 3550 meters, Dizin is the 40th highest ski resort in the world. Due to this high altitude, the ski season in this resort normally begins in November and lasts to the end of May, longer than most European ski resorts. The great snow quality at Dizin makes this resort a rival to many European and Rocky Mountain ski slopes.

Dizin ski resort accommodates thousands of people every year and it’s ski facilities include hotels, cottages, restaurants, villas and private apartments. There are also other facilities such as tennis courts, mountain climbing, mountain biking and Ski instruction school. The resort is opened all year round offering various activities during winter and summer.

The Dizin ski area includes 4 gondolas, 3 chairlifts, and 9 surface lifts. The lowest point of the resort is 2650m, while its highest point is about 3600 m (11,811 feet above the sea level).

Dizin Ski Slopes in Iran


List of hotels in Dizin 

Geographically, the mountains of northern Tehran have made it possible to create several ski slopes, of which Dizin Ski Resort is one of the most famous. Around this complex there are several hotels that have been built to accommodate those who enjoy this winter recreation. By staying in these hotels, you can have a memorable trip in the highest hotels in Iran.


Dizin International Hotel

Located 123 km northwest of Tehran, 74 km from Karaj, this international hotel is one of the main choices for ski professionals. Dizin International Hotel has 150 rooms including single, double, triple and quadruple rooms, 7 villas, 4 quadruple VIPs, and several suites. The Dizin hotel’s excellent and unique location has made it a unique winter and summer tourist village.
The suitable climate of this region has made it possible to use this complex all year round.

Dizin international hotel, located in Dizin resort, Iran Dizin international hotel, Dizin, Iran 


Gachsar Hotel

Gachsar Hotel is located before the exit of Chalous Road towards Dizin resort, which is about 14 km away from the ski complex, and this is one of the main reasons for choosing this hotel for skiers. After a day full of activity and environmental excitement, it can be a good place for skiers to rest with full facilities and a warm atmosphere.


Gajereh Hotel

11 Km after Gachsar Hotel, there is a large and beautiful hotel located in a green area in the heart of the mountain. Gajereh Hotel is one of the largest accommodation complexes around the capital and provides reasonable service cheaper than Dizin hotel. They also have a free shuttle service to the ski slopes during the day time.

Gajereh hotel Dizin ski resort Gajereh hotel, Dizin, Iran 

SHEMSHAK ski resort – Tehran

Located 57 km northeast of Tehran, Shemshak ski resort is only 45 minute drive from Tehran in the Alborz mountain range. After Dizin Ski complex, it is the second biggest ski resort in Iran which started its operation in 1958. Shemshak has two main slopes that lie at an altitude of 2250 to 3050 meters above sea level. The light powder snow at this high elevation and a vertical drop of 500 meters, have made this resort a popular skiing destination with the more experienced and advanced skiers.

As one of the international ski slopes in Iran, Shemshak resort has ski lifts, chair lifts and is also equipped with the lighting facilities for night skiing and snowboarding; Yellow spotlights make it possible to ski at night.

The facilities of the complex include two hotels and four restaurants. This track is usually usable in early December and has snow until mid-April and is also equipped with the lighting facilities for night skiing and snowboarding.

Ski Slopes in Iran, Aabali


Barin Residence (Gol-e Yakh Hotel)
Situated in the very heart of the mountain, approximately 1 km from Shemshak Ski Resort, the Barin Residence designed by RYRA Studio is a modern structure that reflects the cosmopolitan vibe of the city and the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. Inspired by the majesty of the mountains and the beauty of snow, the building is designed as an interface between nature and human ingenuity. The overall design incorporates a flexible, free-form structure to mirror the snow-covered mountains and shifting landscape of the slopes. Each room is reminiscent of Arctic Igloos with contemporary architecture with dominance of white color resembling the natural landscape covered in fresh snow. During your stay, it is hard to ignore the overwhelming beauty of your surroundings, both inside and beyond the Barin residence. Please note that Barin complex is a time sharing residence and is not bookable for short stay.


Barin residence, a good accommodation for skiers in Shemshak,TehranBarin residence, Shemshak, Iran 



AABALI ski resort – Tehran 

Aabali or Ab’ali ski resort is located 70 Km north east of Tehran and is the closest ski slope to Mt. Damavand (5610m) – the highest peak in Iran. Aab’ali ski slopes are the birth place of modern skiing and the base of the winter sports in Iran. In 1953 it was the first ski resort of Tehran to have installed a mechanical ski lift. This slope is situated at an altitude of 2650 meters, with a vertical drop of 250 meters, ideal for beginners as well as intermediates skiers!

 Aabali ski resort, Tehran, Iran



TOCHAL ski resort – Tehran

Tochal ski complex is located in the northern Tehran and is the closest ski resort to the city. It is accessible by catching a cable car in the northern neighborhoods of Tehran called Velenjak , which makes this ski area a popular place for day trip skiers. The famous cable car line from Tehran to Tochal is one of the longest and the highest in the world. It takes 40 minutes to reach the resort from the base station. Tochal is the least developed ski resort around Tehran and offers fewer runs than others. It has five ski lifts, 1 cable car, 2 chair lifts, and 2 surface lifts.

This resort area has three different tracks. The first track starts from an altitude of 3850 meters and continues to Tochal hotel which is located at an altitude of 3550 meters. In fact, the length of the track is 1200 meters. Of course, you can use the resort cable car to reach all the slopes of the resort complex. This resort is one of the first ski slopes in Iran that gets covered with snow and can be used from mid-autumn. The other tracks; one is on the western slope with a length of 900 meters and the other is a newly built track from station #seven to station #five with a length of 5500 m, which lacks enough facilities yet.

Tochal slope in Tehran, Iran


How to go to Tochal ski slope?

To reach Tochal ski slope, you have to take the main Tochal cable car and go to the fifth or seventh stations, and from there, you can start skiing. The ski slope of the seventh station has been built at an altitude of 3850 m on the slopes of Tochal Mountain.

The resort has three separate slopes:

1The ski slope of the seventh station (summit) starts from the peak of Tochal at an altitude of 3850 meters and ends at Tochal hotel at an altitude of 3550 meters. This route has a lift and  the length of the track is 1200 meters.
2The next route of the seventh station is located on the western slope of Tochal Mountain and its length is 900 meters and its highest point is 3750 meters. The lowest place is at an altitude of 3550 meters, where Tochal Hotel is also located.
3The ski slope of the seventh to fifth station is 5500 meters long and its highest point is located at an altitude of 3750 meters. The lowest point on this track is at an altitude of 2940 meters, which has not yet been equipped with ski lifts.


Tochal Hotel
Located at 3525m, the 2-storey building of Tochal Hotel of Tehran was built in 2001 with 30 rooms on the first and second floors, including single and double rooms and also suites with panoramic views. This is the only accommodation and place to eat near the Tochal summit. A safe and secure place for those who love winter skiing and a special, calm and cool place in other seasons of the year. The hotel’s easy access to the Tochal ski slope has greatly increased the hotel’s popularity. The interior decoration of the hotel has a cozy and intimate atmosphere that will give you a feeling of peace and security at the heart of the mountain. There are only 30 rooms, so booking ahead on winter weekends (Thursday and Friday) is recommended. Rates include a return trip on Tochal cable car which is the only way to access the hotel. Rates also include two days of skiing at the resort.

Tochal Hotel Tehran



ALVARES ski resort – Ardabil 

Alvares ski resort is located North-West of Iran, in Ardabil Province. The area is well-known for its tough winters, “cool” summers, beautiful natural attractions, the quality of its dairy products, delicious local food sand its numerous thermal springs. The small town of Sar’ein (8,000 inhabitants), located 20km away from the resort, is famous for its spas. Tourists come from all over the country to relax.

Alvares ski resort lies in the high slopes of Mt.Sabalan and at a distance of 12 km from the village of Alvares and 24 km from Sar’ein. Since it is located at an altitude of 3200 meters above sea level, it is full of snow during autumn and winter , so it can be used about six to eight months. It also has facilities such as lifts and cable cars.



Poulad Kaf  ski resort – Shiraz 

This complex is the second largest international ski slope in Iran and is located in the city of Sepidan, which is 85 km away from ShirazPoulad kaf can be used in four seasons of the year and is located 2850 meters above sea level. The facilities of this complex include cable car, ski lift, restaurant, fast food, coffee shop, guest house, hotel, snowmobiles, mountain cars, smart wheels, pedal boats, horse riding, cycling, ski equipment store and the ski school.



Tarik Darreh ski resort – Hamadan

Tarik Darreh ski resort is located 10 km southwest of Ganjnameh in Hamadan, next to the slopes of Alvand Mountain. In this 1600 meter long complex, there are facilities such as a chair lift, a ski lift, a guest house with 550 square meters of infrastructure, a dormitory, a refuge shelter, a restaurant, a ski school and also emergency facilities. In summer, when the weather in Hamedan is very pleasant, it is possible to ski on the grass in an area of 5000 square meters equipped with a ski lift.


Tarik Darreh Ski Slope in Hamadan, Iran



Sahand ski resort – Tabriz 

Among the ski resorts in northwestern Iran, we can mention Sahand resort, located near Tabriz. The advantages of it’s ski slope are:

  • half an hour distance to the city Tabriz
  • facilities such as 12 lifts, hotel, sports facilities (Shanli)
  • Sahand ski resort can be used for 6 months of the year
  • the depth of powder snow sometimes reaches 4 meters
  • there is no avalanches


Iran Skiing Tours

Here are our 2 routine skiing programs:

Skiing Tour  – 7 Days 

Day 1: Arrival, transfer to hotel in Tehran.
Day 2: Full day skiing at Tochal Ski resort in northern Tehran- O/N Tochal
Day 3: Transfer to Shemshak, Full day skiing at Shemshak Ski resort – O/N Shemshak
Day 4: Drive to Darbandsar, Full day skiing at Darband-Sar, drive back to Shemshak – O/N Shemshak
Day 5: Transfer to Dizin, half day skiing at Dizin ski resort – O/N Dizin
Day 6: Full day skiing at Dizin Ski resort – O/N Dizin
Day 7: Drive back to Tehran (120 km), sightseeing in Tehran/ Departure

Skiing in Mount Damavand & Doberar – 10 Days

Day 1: Tehran Arrival

Day 2: Drive to Lasem, full day skiing

Day 3: Full day skiing – West Dobrar 4072 m

Day 4: Full day skiing

Day 5: Rest day –hot spring spa in Larijan village

Day 6: Drive to Base Camp & Ski to to Bargah-e Sevom (4250 m)

Day 7: Climbing to the summit (5671m), skiing return to base camp

Day 8: Rest Day

Day 9: Drive to Reineh – Overnight stay at Reineh

Day 10: Drive to Tehran – Overnight stay in Tehran
Day 11: Transfer to IKA