World’s largest water cave

As one of the biggest attractions of Hamadan province and the world’s largest water cave, Alisadr is ranked among the most popular sites of Iran with thousands of visitors year-round, especially in spring and summer.
This cave is located in Kabood Ahang , a city 60 Km from Hamadan. The distance from Kabudarahang to Alisadr Village is 50 Km. This cave is located on the elevated lands of Sari Qieh, meaning the yellow rock.

Evidences prove that during the Safavid period (16th c) , locals used cave water through hand dug canals but they did not know anything about the cave until 1963 when a group of 14 climbers got responsibility to discover the cave’s length, width, depth and height by entering a narrow entrance of about 50 cm which leaded to one of the main caverns. This hole that only professional climbers could get through it, remained as the only access to the cave’s inside, until 1974 when Abdullah Hajilo, who headed the Hamadan Mountaineering Board, expanded its width by 5m with the help of locals. The following year, they founded a concrete platform set for walking visitors, and with the provision of lighting facilities, Ali-sadr was prepared for public visits.

Alisadr Cave Tours Iran

Alisadr is one of the few water caves in the world. Its  Jurassic Period rocks from the second geological period, takes you back to 190 million years ago. As you walk through the entrance, you will be greeted by a cool atmosphere that will make you forget the heat outside. The lake here is clear, so that its floor can be seen. You have to wear the life jacket and get on the boat and go through the natural labyrinth of the cave. You have to get off the boat somewhere and continue your journey.

The cave lake is fed by underground springs and also by the rain water intrusion. There is no living creature in this water except unicellular organisms, algae and an unknown crustacean called “Alisadr Niphargus”. Reaching some 14 meters in some parts, the lake water The water is neither salty nor colored. So far, it has been discovered about 14 kilometers from the cave passages, but only about 4 kilometers has been illuminated and the rest is dark.

Crossing the winding corridors with crystalline ceilings, atriums, maze of paths, boating in clear water, through the fascinating stalagmite formations that have been shaped over millions of years, is what awaits you here. The strange names you see on the boards also represent strange shapes of stones; names like pillars, Eagle Claw, Dragon claws, etc.


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Best time to visit Alisadr Cave

The best time to visit this cave is in spring and in summer, though it can also be reached during the cold seasons of the year.

➤ Alisadr cave opening hours

From March 21st to September 21st  : 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
From September 22nd  to March 20th : 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

➤ Alisadr Cave entrance fee  

The ticket price is 800,000 IRR

Things to Know Before You Visit Alisadr Cave
Expect to spend an hour getting to Alisadr from Hamadan. Best to get there early in the morning, especially on Fridays or holidays when it’s likely to be more crowded. Make sure to take a jacket and comfortable walking shoes. Though you’ll be boating in the cave, there is quite a bit of walking, including stairs. Avoid the visit in case of claustrophobia or Heart problems. Total tour takes about 2-3 hours depending on whether you choose the “old” path or “new” path.


Facts about Ali-Sadr cave

  • Ali-Sadr cave is  the longest water cave in the world.
  • Ali-Sadr cave is the most well-known cave in Iran.
  • The total Length of this cave is 11200 m of which only 2400 m is visitable.
  • The altitude is 2100 m above the sea level.
  • Ali-Sadr cave is one of the world’s largest canoeing caves.
  • Due to the considerable difference in the temperature outside and inside the cave and the coolness of the air inside, Ali-sadr cave is one of the attractive places in the summer time.
  • In this cave, you will encounter fantastic geological landscapes and can see the miracle of nature closely.
  • Ali-Sadr cave is 190 million years old and is among the alive caves.
  • Apart from unicellular organisms and algae, there is only one living thing in the cave’s water. It is called Ali-sadr Niphargus.
  • Ali-Sadr cave is a natural formation and is not man-maid.
  • There are some evidence of prehistoric cave dwellers in Ali-sadr.
  • Water depth in the cave varies from 4 cm to 14 m
  • Cave’s water does not have any color or smell. One can see the lake floor 10-meter deep, without difficulties due to limpidity.
  • The temperature of the water is 12-degree centigrade which is a fixed temperature all year long.
  • The maximum height of the cave’s ceiling from the lake is 54 meters – as tall as an 18-storied building.
  • The water level inside the cave is much higher than the surrounding points of the cave.


Alisadr Niphargus
Due to the lack of light in the caves, living creatures find it difficult to live in such environment. Not only for animals, but also plants can’t grow in this cave, except for some unicellular organisms and algae that have been recently introduced to the environment from outside, considered to be invader elements.  A few years ago a scuba diving team encountered an unknown crustacean species while exploring the waters of Alisadr cave but they were not able to sample this species. After that, a student team entered the cave, and they found this animal which later was called “Nifargus al-Sadri.” The length of this creature is about two cm, and it looks blind and does not need light. The creature in the cave probably feeds on the minerals and unicellular organisms.


Niphargus Alisadri | Alisadr Cave Iran


Ali-Sadr Cave Guided Day Trip

1. Activity: Iran Caves Explore

2. Tour’s Location : Alisadr Cave

3. Starting Point : Hamadan (Your Hotel)

4. Duration of Trip : 6 Hours

5. Length of Tour : 1 Day

4. Organizer : Iran Safar Tours

6. Minimum Number of Tourists: 1 Person

7. Maximum Number of Tourists: 10 Persons

8. Price : € 75 Euros per person

9. Service includes : Transport+ English-speaking guide + Lunch + Entrance fee

10. Needed Gear: Walking shoes – Jacket